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Justin Bieber get claim because his phone number

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Justin Bieber get claim because his phone numberJustin Bieber share his phone number??? Wow its very interest. And its will be amazing if we can call Justin Bieber to his phone.

This program was came from Justin Bieber. He want to play game with his fans. And in this game Justin Bieber write his phone number but two number in the end of the phone number was hidden with him.

So Belieber must be search two number who was hidden. And this game was follow with 19 million follower on his twitter.

Justin Bieber write his phone number with hidden two end number and he also write “call me right now”. When his follower was read this message. Suddenly they was search two end number of the phone. They want to speak with Justin Bieber.

They was effort to get the two hidden number. So many fans of justin bieber was search the number and its not Justin Bieber number. And than they always search and search.

So in the end Justin Bieber was get claim from Dilcie and Kent they from Texas city. TMZ reportedly that they was claim Justin Bieber because his phone always calling with many people who was ask that” its Justin Bieber?”.

And they was disturb with this problem. And than they claim Justin Bieber. And than the message was deleted with Justin Bieber. But till now not confirmed about this problem.

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