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Justin Bieber: I Passed Exams!

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Justin Bieber: I Passed Exams!Justin Bieber: I Passed Exams!

Guys you know that education is very important?? Yeah I feel. And it’s also applies to Justin Bieber because now Justin Bieber was have a popularity and have billions of dollars money on Bank. But any one problem who was very important for him, Its “education”.

But Justin Bieber is the diligent person. Because although he was have many money and he have a big popularity he always prioritize education. Dailymail was reportedly that Justin Bieber is very care to his education although he doesn’t school. and This was proven, now Justin Bieber was passed Exams like Senior High School.

Justin Bieber said “I just graduated from school. I passed Exams and now I’m free!!, It was difficult to have an education as a career but I must do it man”

Justin Bieber parent is hope that their child must be get Education although he was success with his career. And when justin bieber hear this sentence he promise that he will make his parent proud to him, and it was success with passed exams.

And now Justin Bieber was have many planning to his career. Its not only in the music because he was try to playing film. Woww this so interesting. I’m so excited to see it.

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