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Justin Bieber : Jerry my Intimate Organ name

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Justin Bieber : Jerry my Intimate Organ name

Justin Bieber is a singer 18 yeJustin Bieber : Jerry my Intimate Organ namears old. But although his old still 18 years, he don’t want to  hide all about him. And in this news we will be discuss about “Justin Bieber Intimate Organ”. And you know now he don’t shy to introduces his intimate organ identity. You know his intimate organ also have a name, and the name is “Jerry”.

Digital Spy was reportedly that all Belieber in this world is very interesting to his intimate organ. So, they have their own name to refer to the intimate organ.

Justin Bieber said “my fans give my intimate organ with name Jerry. It’s so funny”.

although he don’t shy to tell about his intimate organ, but when the paparazzi ask about his sex life,  Justin himself even refused to comment. When the paparazzi ask are you had ever had sex or not’ he only smile and don’t said anything. I think he shy or time is not right? Its only Justin Bieber who was know.

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