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Justin Bieber Roughed up a Photographer

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Justin Bieber Roughed up a Photographer

Justin Bieber Roughed up a Photographer

Justin Bieber is a honest, patient, and loving. But now Justin Bieber Roughed Up a Photographer. What happen??

This bad accident was occur when they (Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez) was walking out of theater at The Common at Calabasas. And than they meet with a Photographer who trying to take they picture.

This accident come because Justin Bieber want to leave this place and than this photographer was blocking a Justin Bieber’s car, cause he want to take a picture of them.

A witnesses was said to TMZ that Justin Bieber was ask to this photographer to move away. And other paparazzi also asked him to move away but he don’t do it, he refused to budge. So Justin Bieber is angry and triggering the scuffle. Than some sort of physical altercation erupted, so Justin Bieber Roughed up a Photographer.

After Justin Bieber Roughed up a Photographer he (the photographer) direct to call 911 and than he talk that he was Roughed up by Justin Bieber last Sunday when he was trying to take a picture of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. He also talk that he was experiencing chest pains.

When the police arrived the couple star was left this place. And than this photographer was complain that Justin Bieber was Roughed up him. and he fell he pain and than he were taken to the hospital with Los Angeles County Fire Department to be examined his pain.

And now Los Angeles Police was search a witnesses who was aware of this incident. police captain also talk to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department that they will be search a people who was know this accident. he also want to give a explanation and question to Justin Bieber and the photographer.

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