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Los Angeles County Sheriff’s detective investigation Justin Bieber “roughed up”

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justin bieber and a photographer.A los Angeles County Sheriff’s detective still try to investigate about the problem of justin bieber and a photographer. In which this problem about Justin Bieber Roughed up a photographer. This problem was occur on Sunday at Calabasas City.

The one legal expert was said that the main issue is whether Justin Bieber was do it to defend himself ? the criminal defense lawyer, Dmitry Gorin was said that Justin Bieber is the Latest Celebrity who was fall to the Paparazzi trap. Paparazzi trap is a scene of paparazzi, whether the celebrity (Justin Bieber) feels has gotten too close. Gorin said “These guys will often make it impossible for the celebrity to pass” because in this case will be likely a misdemeanor battery unwitnessed by police.

The alleged victim can make a citizen arrest and than the prosecutors will be decide, is it will be ask charges file. Gorin also said “Justin Bieber can fight the charge if he push or hit this photographer and not try to defend himself. but its not a really lawlessness”.

The capten Mike Parker said ” we want to spek with all potential witnesses who was are in the place” and the team Law enforcement also said that the want to know a position of Justin Bieber in this problem on Sunday. and the also try to piece together some of data on this insident. this insident was occur in the public are, so they hope will be find the witnesses who was see what happend.

The los Angeles County Sheriff’s detective still investigated the claim from the photographer about this insedent. the photographer was said that Justin Bieber struck him when he was try to take a snap photo of Justin Bieber and his girlfriend Selena Gomez in the Calabasas. the photographer was ask about his pain. a spokesman was talk about this problem, he said that this problem still are in the first step of investigation.

Anyone who was know or see about this insedent was ask to call a detective on (818) 878-1808. and the Anonymous tipsters can contact this number (800) 222-TIPS (8477). to callCrime Stoppers.

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