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Girlfriend justin bieber perfume

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Girlfriend justin bieber perfume

Girlfriend justin bieber perfume

Girlfriend justin bieber perfume . After he was success launch his first perfume “Someday” now he will try again to launch his second perfume its “ Girlfriend”. Justin Bieber promote his new perfume “Girlfriend”, its a new women’s f ragrance, the campaign who was do with Justin Bieber to promote Girlfriend have a budget estimated $20 Million. and the promotion was focus to social media like Tumblr and Twitter.

And we know that Justin Bieber have many follower on his twitter account. He have 22.9 Million Followers. and he has close to 44 million “likes” on Facebook. i think this is a good idea, because justin bieber have many followers almost 22.9 Million followers. So with one promotion Justin Bieber can promote to the 22.9 Million people. And its so easy for him.

Girlfriend justin bieber perfume is the fragrance No. 2, who was called Justin Bieber’s Girlfriend, is schedule to arrive on June 18. this perfume will be at Macy’s stores, and will also be available this month at retailers like Belk, Dillard’s, Nordstrom and Sephora. Girlfriend will be arrive a year after the introduction of the first scent endorsed by Justin Bieber.

Girlfriend justin bieber perfume will be promote with Justin Bieber on Facebook and Viddy, a mobile video sharing service, this week to invite fans to enter a “sing-off” on Tumblr to help create a 60-second television commercial for Girlfriend. The commercial will be composed of video clips of fans performing their versions of a new Justin Bieber song, “Boyfriend,” with lyrics they rewrite to change the song to “Girlfriend.” This commercial is set to make a debut on June 21 during a special on NBC devoted to Justin Bieber Bieber.

Pelle Sjoenell the executive creative director of the Los Angeles office of Bartle Bogle Hegarty, which Give Back Brands was said that “With Girlfriend, we are channeling the spirit and passion of one of the largest, most dedicated digital fan bases on earth”. a company that markets the Bieber celebrity fragrances, hired to create the introduction campaign for Girlfriend. and he also said “We saw firsthand the passion of Justin Bieber’s fans through our work on Google Chrome”. So come on get Girlfriend justin bieber perfume.

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