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Story Of Mariah Song From Justin Bieber

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Story Of Mariah Song From Justin Bieber

Story Of Mariah Song From Justin Bieber

Story Of Mariah Song From Justin Bieber. are you still remember Mariah Yeater ? yeah i think you remember her. last year Mariah Yeater is a woman who was accuse that Justin Bieber is the father of his son.

But to this day, this problem it’s unknown how this problem was resolved. But if we follow the case we all know that Mariah Yeater is lied. she lied about the tryst on October 2012.

Story Of Mariah Song From Justin Bieber. And Now on his Believe Album, Justin Bieber write a song “Mariah” this song for her. when Justin Bieber interviewed with London’s Independent newspaper, he talk that it’s a “revenge”. on this song have a same vein like Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” and Justin Timberlake’s “Cry Me a River.”

and Justin Bieber said “Yeah, it’s really got a lot of vibes from ‘Billie Jean,” he said. “‘Billie Jean’ was the record I was kind of chasing with this song.” and he also said “The opening [line] is, ‘She said she met me on the tour, she keeps knocking on my door, she won’t leave me. Leave me alone…’ So it’s pretty good. The words are really powerful in the song,”

Story Of Mariah Song From Justin Bieber. and than Justin Bieber said “I think she has her own stuff she’s going through,” he said of his accuser. “So I don’t know – I just kind of… I just wanted the world to know that it wasn’t true, that was all I was really focused on. And you know, I feel sorry for her in a way, Whatever she’s doing, she’s obviously not in the right state of mind, to be doing all that, be saying such mean things.”

Justin Bieber said that he write the song for her, although it’s will make her more notoriety because “it’s so different” from ‘Billie Jean.’

“With the ‘Billie Jean’ story, it was so mysterious. With this, it’s so powerful because it actually happened, and people know the story and what actually happened. So the fact that it’s gonna be in the song and people can hear it, I think that’s gonna put two-and-two together, and that’ll make them like it more.”Story Of Mariah Song From Justin Bieber.

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