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Justin Bieber VS Usher Album

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Justin Bieber VS Usher Album

Justin Bieber VS Usher Album

Justin Bieber VS Usher Album. Justin Bieber is a lucky Boy, Because he was protege from Usher. who is not know him? i think everyone know to Usher. Justin Bieber was teached many trick and tips with him. and than they make many collaboration on the stage, but now they will fight to get the many vote (On Charts).

Looking 4 Myself is Usher’s Album, he debuted on top of the Billboard albums chart, and it’s become his fourth #1 album after selling 128,000 copies on the first week. one week latter Justin Bieber will be enter to the charts with his third Album “Believe”.

Justin Bieber VS Usher Album. According to Billboard, Justin Bieber album BELIEVE is on course to sell between 410,000 and 440,000 units, and it’s will be make the biggest debute on the year’s. although Justin Bieber is on track to beat his mentor on sales, but isn’t concerned.

Justin Bieber VS Usher Album. Usher was talk to the MTV news that “Actually, we have not had that conversation. We try to calculate when we release so that we support each other. It’s like a seesaw: ‘You take it this week; I’ll take it this week.’ And he also said that even though he and Justin Bieber don’t appear on each other’s albums, he was still heavily involved in each song that made the cut on Believe. And he said “We talked about many different things when making his album. The coolest part about it is we support each other regardless if I’m on the album or he’s on my album or not,” Usher said. “Every album, it is that sit-down that we have to have, to go through this record. We talk about the audiences that are there: This song is for this audience member, this song is for this region. And that’s always very helpful.”

And Justin Bieber also give his comment that “He’s just giving me the advice of: Always keep the people that were there at the beginning and keep them with you, because those are the people that really care and they want to see you succeed.” Justin Bieber VS Usher Album.

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