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Justin Bieber And Big Sean’s Ring

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Justin Bieber And Big Sean's Ring

Justin Bieber And Big Sean’s Ring

Justin Bieber And Big Sean’s Ring. Justin Bieber is lucky singer. why? because he have a best friend like Big Sean. Justin Bieber was work with Big Sean with sing a single “As Long As You Love Me” on Justin Bieber’s new album. and than he (Big Sean) also give a pretty cool piece of bling, he said that this bling is as a token of his gratitude.

Saturday at Kevin Liles party he was talk to MTV news “After he put me on his album and introduced me to a lot of his fans, I felt like, ‘Yo, man, just to show my appreciation,’ I gave him the Rolex ring,” and he also said “It ain’t no thing, it’s really what bosses do, we give each other gifts”.

Justin Bieber And Big Sean’s Ring. Sean also contiunued “It was the first ring I bought as soon as I started finally making money, I got it and the first time I worked with Bieber, I came to the studio and he just loved this pinky ring I had on.”

when Justin Bieber and Big Sean perform on Today Show on last Month, in this moment Justin Bieber get the salute who was be witnessed with his Manager. Last month, Braun recalled the conversation between Sean and Justin to MTV News and Big Sean said “I know you said you liked [my ring], and I want to say thank you for involving me in the process and being a part of this, and I want you to have the ring.” And than Big Sean took the ring off, and Justin Bieber put it on and it was a real genuine moment. They’re friends. Justin Bieber And Big Sean’s Ring.

the “Dance (A$$)” Big Sean was working with Justin Bieber, it’s also allow to display his flexibility. and Big Sean also said “It’s tight that I can be a person that’s so diverse that I can do both of those [kinds of songs] and it’s not reaching,” he told us. “I’m still me … and I didn’t compromise anything for Bieber. You know, I just didn’t curse, which is easy. I don’t have to curse every day.” Justin Bieber And Big Sean’s Ring.

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