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Justin Bieber Crown Tattoo

Tuesday, 4 September 2012, 1:48 | Photo, Story | 1 Comment | Read 2742 Times
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Justin Bieber Crown Tattoo

Justin Bieber Crown Tattoo

Justin Bieber Crown Tattoo. Justin Bieber the 18 years old singer was have many tattoo on his body. now he add a new tattoo on his right chest. this tattoo is Crown.

Justin Bieber Crown Tattoo. Justin Bieber uploaded his new tattoo photo with shirtless to his twitter account. in this photo, Justin Bieber added a sentence “new tattoo its a crown if you couldn’t tell.” and he also write on his twitter. Justin Bieber Crown Tattoo.

Jb Tattoo

Jb Tattoo


justin bieber crown tattoo

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  1. Ryan says:

    Hey justin

    it’s Ryan from South Africa,
    i like your tatto, its awesome! Cool cool!!
    Like it

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