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Avalanna Miss Bieber Was Die

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Avalanna Miss Bieber Was Die. Avalanna Routh who was call herself with name Miss Bieber was die on Wednesday morning. Avalanna is 6 years old, she is a fans of Justin Bieber. She die at her Merrimac home. She is 6 years old, but she must fight with  her disease severity. Avalanna suffered from an atypical teratoid rhabdoid tumor. This tumor is growing fast of the brain and spinal cord that usually occurs in young children.

Avalanna ever meet with Justin Bieber on two time. on the first time Justin Bieber invite Avalanna and her family to come to New York. and they spend their time together. and the second time Justin Bieber invite avalanna to come to the Today Show.

After Justin Bieber hear the news that Avalanna has died, he write on his twitter account and he also uploading the instagram picture of himself and Avalanna. Avalanna Miss Bieber Was Die.

Justin Bieber and Avalanna

Justin Bieber and Avalanna

Justin Bieber upload this photo on his twitter account with name “My Angel”. i think he is very loved her. and he also write on his account that :

Justin Bieber tweet to Avalanna

Justin Bieber tweet to Avalanna

good Bye and RIP Avalanna.

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3 responses to "Avalanna Miss Bieber Was Die"

  1. rosie says:

    i am sorry for your lost Justin

  2. kalika says:

    im so sorry for youe lost she was such a angel

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