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What’s Done by Justin Bieber 2012

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Everything about celebrity is always interesting to be seen and known. Now what kind of thing crosses the minds of some people when the name of Justin Bieber being mentioned? Well, there is no doubt that they will have an image of Canadian teenager who becomes very success after the second part of his debut album hit success in the year 2010. Now that he is a success artist, there are a lot of people who are waiting for the new works of Justin Bieber 2012. What will he bring in this year? A lot of people are asking and keep asking when it’s already reach the second half of the year 2012.

justin bieber 2012

It’s so very natural to see that there will be a lot of people who ask about this and that to Justin Bieber 2012 and a lot of these people are the fans of Bieber. Well, maybe some haters too. So, what things will be done next by this Canadian teenager who reached ultimate success and recognition through his song, “Baby”. As the year 2012 has already reached October, he already did a lot of things. Justin Bieber 2012 has a world tour that will be continued until next year, an album done as well as having cameo appearances in some movies and TV shows.

justin bieber 2012 picture

justin bieber 2012 picture

Justin Bieber 2012 also has several other issues those are not nice and caused him to be criticized by a lot of people. For example, Bieber gave “advice” to Prince William about a product of hair growth that will help hair growth. His “advice” considered being rude especially the product he recommended was actually a dangerous product and a lot of people started to give him a brand of a snob. That’s not the only time Justin Bieber 2012 make some people shake their head because he ever tried to criticize the British people about their dialect in his interview with a British media and in this interview, he showed a disrespect to the people in Indonesia.

Justin Bieber 2012 made ruckus as well as made some people’s hearts melted as he showed a care to a little girl who happen to be his fan and this little girl was sick. Bieber showed his good side here and a lot of people’s hearts were touched. Every human is like a moon that has good side and bad side and so is Bieber.


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