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Police Make Arrest in Justin Bieber and Ashton Kutcher Police call Pranks

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The LAPD manufactured a police arrest within the SWATTING mishaps affecting Ashton Kutcher along with Justin Bieber — and the suspect is a minor

TMZ broke the actual testimonies… someone called police and reported gun violence with each residences through different mishaps before this year.

Officials claim during the Kutcher incident, the actual mystery caller told police officers “there were individuals inside the location with guns and explosives, and that several people had been shot.”


Yet any time law enforcement officials arrived towards the scene, they learned that it had been a scam.

Today, police claim… “On December 10, 2012, Hollywood Detectives arrested a juvenile from the Southern California region for the Ashton Kutcher swatting incident, as well as a similar swatting incident that took place at the home of Justin Bieber. Other swatting incidents involving this individual have been identified.”

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